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Judicial Screening by Alliance of Bar Associations

Alliance of Bar Associations is conducting judicial screening for the election in March next year.

  1. Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) is hosting the interviews in its office (20 S Clark #900).

  2. Judicial Candidate materials are available at the sessions.

  3. It starts with two attorney investigators’ report before the candidate is invited into the room. The investigators usually highlight the potential issues and controversies regarding the candidate .

  4. The candidate will make an opening statement, and then open for questions.

  5. Judicial Evaluation Chairs have their routine questions. Everybody is welcome to ask questions but not pressured.

  6. Asian American Bar Association (AABA) has an evaluation form to be filled out on-site or later.

  7. Lunch & snacks are usually provided.

All licensed attorneys are welcome to sign up here.

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